Roda at the Farmers Market with mestre Urubu, March 2018

Xuxa and Renê having fun with each other in White Sands (Southern New


From our mission statement:

Capoeira Santa Fe provides programs, opportunities and services to everyone interested in the Brazilian art form capoeira. It educates people of diverse ages and backgrounds through physical trainings, workshops, ongoing classes, public performances, and other productions, including dance and music. For this purpose is employs among others the following strategies:

a) Support independent initiatives of capoeiristas, regardless of their group affiliation.

b) Coordinate ongoing cultural programming, in part through outreach into the schools and to the public in general.

c) Cultivate the practice of respect, tolerance, and nonviolence among practitioners.

d) Pursue a lively and high level capoeira exchange in Santa Fe and beyond.

e) Further cultural exchange in particular with capoeiristas from and in Brazil.